Ready to identify and engage your life-calling but are not sure where to begin?

Ready to take your Team’s performance to the next level but need a new approach?

Ready to move your Organization to its new vision but need clear steps to act?

Tinamou Consulting LLC launches an individual, group or entire organization from “where they are” to “where they want to go.” We accomplish this by creating a strategic sequence of questions and events that navigate a client through critical decision points and launch them to their highest goals.

Our methodology is decidedly collaborative and inclusive. In essence, we harness the skills of an entire group to benefit the individual, team or organization and get them where they want to go.

“I took over as a CIO in a troubled organization. I knew I had to make changes fast. To successfully turn around the direction and culture of my organization I needed some external support. I reached out to Tinamou Consulting. My best move! We turned the organization. TC helped me get my fragmented leadership team together on the same page. While I was clearly the leader, they supported me behind the scenes. They taught me techniques and coached me. Based on their foundational work, we quadrupled customer satisfaction over 4 years. It was so dramatic that it was documented by Gartner. The turnaround was so profound that it caught the attention of our organizations CFO. He then engaged TC and had similar results.

TC helped launch my success as a CIO.”

Ed Marx
CIO Texas Health Resources