Who We Are

Judy Schenk

judyphotoJudy Schenk has a passion for people and their “big ideas”.  She holds a Masters Degree in Organization and Management and founded Tinamou Consulting in 1995. She applies her formidable drive to launch people and organizations in the direction of positive and  lasting change.  Her work is strategic….and fun!

Judy has worked in all phases of the business process as well as in multiple service areas including Insurance, Banking/Finance, Faith Based, Tax, Audit, Oil and Gas, Business and Strategic Analysis, Learning Product Development (including Web Based Learning), Performance Solutions, Consulting Services, International Human Resources, Learning System Design, Health Care and Women’s Leadership.

Judy brings a rare combination of Coaching, Facilitation, Design, and Process Consultation skills that serve key decision makers and executive/emerging leaders in both the profit and not for profit sectors well.  Judy uses these unique design and learning methodologies to influence, accelerate and amplify performance that makes a real difference.

In her spare time, Judy enjoys writing, rowing crew and stewarding a small farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Most importantly, she celebrates 29 years of life with her husband and business partner, Chris.  Together they have three accomplished children who are applying their unique talents to make this world a better place.

Chris Schenk

20120515_Tinamou (5 of 1)Chris Schenk holds a Masters Degree in Organization and Management. He joined Tinamou Consulting LLC in January 2000 after working over 6 years at Ernst & Young LLP. His focus includes Organizational, Team and Leadership Development and the Accelerated Design, Development and Facilitation of Performance Solutions.

Chris holds several certifications including Qualified Counselor for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), Instructor of Development Dimensions International, Inc. (DDI) programs in Tactics for Effective Leadership™ and Techniques for an Empowered Workforce™. Chris is also a Master Instructor for TRACOM Social Style™, Producing Results with Others™ (PRO II™).

Chris develops highly successful consulting relationships with clients, executives, and teams at all levels of an organization. He works with a wide range of professionals in the Insurance, Coatings, Finance, Health Care, Human Resources, Information Technology, Learning, Banking, Paper, Entertainment, Investment, Steel, Automotive, Lawn Care and Hydraulics Industries. Chris also works with a diverse group of artistic and faith based not for profits.

Chris celebrates 29 years of marriage to Judy and 24 years of fatherhood with three very cool kids. He has passions for the Appalachian Trail, backpacking and science fiction.