How We Do It


Tinamou Consulting follows a thoughtful process that assists individuals, groups and organizations to get where they want to go. We use the acronym “PATH” which represents each distinctive stage of the process.

The first stage is to…



…Listen to client need; Determine mutual fit; Confirm Core Values.

Tinamou Consultants initiate a relationship with you and work to understand you, your team or your organization’s culture, key motivations and guiding principles.



…Move quickly to Discovery and Focus.

Tinamou Consultants design and facilitate a discovery process that will “get real” in your unique environment. The involvement and interaction of the right people at the right time and place is essential.

This is the heart and richness of proPATH™. Key questions will be answered through an appropriate combination of experiential activities, accelerated learning techniques and skill practice.

Tinamou will guide your possibilities to a choice few that catalyze the changes you must make quickly.



…into Action.

Tinamou Consultants get tactical. Your focused goals are now translated into actions. Names and dates are attached to each action. Buy-in is created throughout as an increasingly inclusive process unfolds. This allows you, your team or your organization to move where you want it to go.



…Check the BIG Calendar

Tinamou Consultants embed the Action Plan into your timeline. This is where the Action Plan meets “Coordinated Implementation”.

What does this look like on any given day, week, month or quarter? There are cycles of activities that invite the right (or wrong) timing for certain actions. These cycles are natural and artificial, internal and external. The opportunities they present will make lasting implementation and change possible.

Tinamou Consulting LLC would be honored to travel with you for this part of the journey.