What People Say

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful work that you did for Complient …Most importantly, the manner in which you facilitated the meeting resulted in success far beyond our expectations.  Our executives were able to be a part of the team rather than being viewed as the corporate entity.  There was no “us versus them”. …They are now true believers in your process and can move forward with their goals. You have my true thanks.  Be sure to use me as a reference for any doubters.”

Rebecca Mackenzie
Manager, Complient

“Our organization had invested a great deal of time, attention and energy to gain alignment around mission, and now we were at a critical stage.  Up until this point, I had a feeling for where I wanted to go, and how to get there.  Now I only knew what I wanted to end up with—175 employees committed to a small set of goals that they helped create—but I had precious little idea of how to get there.  When two different people recommended Tinamou Consultants, I got in touch with Chris and Judy Schenk.  Frankly, I wasn’t in a position to deliberately evaluate several people from the outside.  The train was moving down the tracks, and I needed help now.

These were the words that let me know I had found the right people; “we can’t create the answers for you…..we believe that the answers are in your organization.  We can design a process to get them out.”  Over the years, in business and non-profit work, I’ve seen so much time and money wasted working with consultants who end up delivering an unwieldy or unrealistic solution to a business problem.  So, what the folks from Tinamou said made sense to me.

Tinamou ended up designing and helping to facilitate 4 different events with us.  In every case, without exception, we were able to reach the objectives mutually established before the events took place.  Tinamou used some of the most creative approaches I’ve seen in bringing groups of people to a place of “getting it done together.”  These were not the kind of exercises that come ready to use off the shelf—they were designed with our organization solely in mind.

Now, we are on the other side of “being stuck”  Tinamou put our people back in touch with our mission, and now we are ready to charge ahead!  I would recommend Tinamou to any organization that is serious about its mission, its calling.”

Daniel J. Dupee
CEO, Coalition for Christian Outreach

“I took over as a CIO in a troubled organization. I knew I had to make changes fast. To successfully turn around the direction and culture of my organization I needed some external support. I reached out to Tinamou Consulting. My best move! We turned the organization. TC helped me get my fragmented leadership team together on the same page. While I was clearly the leader, they supported me behind the scenes. They taught me techniques and coached me. Based on their foundational work, we quadrupled customer satisfaction over 4 years. It was so dramatic that it was documented by Gartner. The turnaround was so profound that it caught the attention of our organizations CFO. He then engaged TC and had similar results.

TC helped launch my success as a CIO.”

Ed Marx
CIO Texas Health Resources

“In such a small amount of time Chris and Judy are able to get me thinking about and going after opportunities I never thought within reach. When I’m scatter brained about all the administrative tasks and opportunities before me, their questions help me find clarity and focus. In only a few sessions, they’ve helped me re-focus my mission to what is truly unique to my values, skill set, and network. It’s helped me go after the right work. . . the best work. Even when I have no idea what could come of a small Skype meeting with them, I’m blown away with the creative wisdom, encouragement and challenge that comes. Barriers I thought immovable disappear, as I’m sent to work smarter instead of harder. I never could have launched my new camp, “The FRESH Camp,” without them. My confidence and ability to articulate my work with others has grown significantly. Thank you Chris and Judy, for your tender care and honest feedback.”


“I hired Tinamou Consulting to lead our organization in an extensive strategic planning process. Chris & Judy were very intuitive, quickly recognized our core needs, involved all our staff, and lead us to an excellent result. The project deeply impacted our organization resulting in clear direction, improved morale, and a renewed sense of vision and mission. I highly recommend Tinamou!”

Richard Trickel
CEO, The City Mission